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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crochet in the movies...and tv!

today i digress from my usual knits on tv - these are crocheted items that tickled my fancy.

one thing clarissa didn't explain...where did she get this fetching granny square sweater?  i vaguely remember these sweaters making an appearance in the 90s, altho i never wore one (couldn't find one in my size, probably.  i was a big girl back then too).  i can practically see the acrylic fumes from this beauty.

i want this blanket:

image coutrtesy of

this is the best picture i could find online.  it was a beautiful crocheted patchwork blanket in cheerful colors.

there was also a gorgeous owl pillow on the sofa (i think it was knitted, with loopy shaggy stitches) and darned if i can't find a picture of it either.  i dug around on etsy and ravelry too.  sigh  maybe i should try to design my own shaggy owl pillow?

see?  there was a good reason for seeing the smurfs movie!


  1. I'm trying to find the knitted owl pillow from the smurfs movie too! Can't stop about it...! I went on etsy too...if you find it please email me!

  2. I stumbled across your post while looking for photos of this blanket. I don't actually remember much of what happened in that scene because I was too busy trying to make a mental note of the colours used so I could remake it myself. LOL
    glad I'm not the only weirdo :) xx

  3. Hello,This is very funny I came by this website by accident. I was the set decorator of The Smurfs Movie and I always love when the audience likes the set dressing!! The owl pillow was purchased by my assistant Deborah Greene at " The Golden Calf" in Brooklyn

    The patchwork blanket was purchased wholesale from Pine Cone Hill- it is their "Pine cone hill crochet throw" I think they sell it online through other stores, just google it or you can contact Pine Cone Hill directly to see where you can get it.
    Hope this helps!!
    Regina Graves

  4. Hi, I came upon this website by mistake but glad I did. I was the set decorator on The Smurfs Movie and love when people actually like the set dressing. The owl pillow was purchased by my assistant Deborah Greene at ' The Golden Calf" In Brooklyn, NY.

    The crochet throw was purchased wholesale from "Pine Cone Hill" but I found it at this website for you

    I hope this helps!!
    Regina Graves


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