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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what's in a name?

i've been toying, for a while now, in changing my online name.  i just don't feel like a diva anymore.

i chose my name, diva mcknitster, when i was designing my blog. at the time, i was really into knitting, loved to learn new techniques and loved luxury yarn.  but...

i knit, but i don't knit like i used to.  i have so many projects i want to do, but i don't have the time to knit anymore.  i knit in the evenings, and sometimes when the kiddos nap, and i take socks along to appointments.  i miss my mad knitting.  unfortunately, my time is in short supply.  and one of the first things to take a hit was my knitting.

i still love my yarns.  i just placed an order for some tosh and mmmmmmalabrigo (merry xmas to me!)  but with the price of groceries and bills, my yarn budget took a serious hit.  if all 5 of us have doctor appointments, that wipes out our budget for the pay.

i love learning new things.  i can't wait until KDO next year!  but to do a cable project, or intarsia or fair isle - i don't care to.  i really don't.  not that i want to sit and do a garter scarf.  but i simply can't do any complicated patterns for a while.  or at least until the kids get a bit older and don't need me as much.

sometimes i wonder if my name is off-putting to people.  what do you think of when someone says "diva"?  that they're a bitch or difficult to work with?  well, somedays i can be that way, but not all the time.  i just don't feel very diva like anymore.

today, i'm more than my knitting.  i'm a mom.  i'm a wife.  i'm a daughter.  and i'm finding that quite a bit of my blog is about my family and things i find interesting.  i'm sure i'm turning off the non parent knitters, and parents who don't understand knitting.  but this is my life, so it's what i blog about.

my blog has become my online journal of sorts.  obviously i brag about my knitting, but i also love talking about my kids' accomplishments.  i write about me and my imperfections as a mom, knitter and a human being.

the domain remains diva mcknitster's.  but my blog is now called:

fuzzy logic

sounds good?  fuzzy like yarn, logic becos some days i crave to understand why things are the way they are.  i think it fits my knitting, parenting and general stuff quite well.

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