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who i am

i'm a mom (a SAHM - the best job in the world!) - to freddie beans, petunia and the boy.  they're the "twins and the big kid" in my title.


i'm a wife (to hubby, my soul mate, squirrel catcher and the best dad in the world!)


i'm a knitter - socks, dishcloths, shawls.  someday i will finish that ubatuba sweater...


i'm a PK (a preacher's kid.  i married one too).  my journey in faith is a constant WIP!


i like to craft.  i occasionally putter around with a crochet hook.  i'm learning how to sew!  i also have a serious addiction to glitter and glue, despite its messiness.


i love to read - books, magazines, blogs.  come to my house, you'll find piles of them.  so much to read, no time at all.

i'm a foodie - i like to cook, but not bake.  food is an adventure!


i like to travel - just don't have the time or money for it!


i'm anal retentive, but i'm trying to fix that (kids are great for learning to lower one's expectations!)


i'm a snark.  sarcasm is my favorite language.


i love to write.  this blog is my outlet for that.  it's cyber scrapbook of sorts. 

thank you for visiting my tiny corner of the universe.  enjoy!