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Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 bands - NaBloPoMo

What are the five best bands you've seen play live?

1.  enter the haggis  we saw this band 3 times during the past 2 years, two of those times over the course of 3 months. we discovered them at the pennsylvania renaissance faire. canadian celtic rock at it's finest.

four of the members are on my FB buddy list.  star fucking at it's finest.

2.  live  i saw this band twice, once in college, the second time when i was dating hubby.  the first time i went, i was in the balcony, and people were smoking pot around me.  i was positively paranoid that i'd smell like it and that i could get high from the second hand smoke, and i remember driving home very carefully.  (incidentally,while i like the smell of pot, although i would never smoke it.)  

3.  albannach  another awesome celtic drum group.  their energy is infectious.

4.  billy joel  hubby and i saw him the fall before we got married.  our seats were behind the stage in the nosebleed section but we had an awesome view of him.  i almost got into a catfight with a girl sitting behind me - she was screaming in my ear, and i told her to shut up.  i suppose i'm lucky she didn't belt me.

going to billy's show made me incredibly randy.  we barely made it (to our new) home before hubby and i attacked each other.  

5.  cher  mom and i took grams to see cher at the wacovia arena 7 years ago.  she loved cher, mainly the sonny and cher years, but surprisingly, she liked cher's newer music too.  i was 6 months pregnant with the boy.  we were in nose bleed territory and basically stayed in our seats the entire time becos the aisles were so narrow and they were afraid i'd fall on my bump.  i remember getting a stuffed teddy bear with a cher shirt for the baby, to commemorate the occasion.  we had an awesome time - there were 4 generations of my family at that show.  

i used to joke that if the boy is gay, i'll take the blame, becos he was at the show in utero.  

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