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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

in five years...

What do you want your life to be like in five years

would i be boring if i said i want my life to be as it is today, except with a job? 

i love being a SAHM.  however, in 5 years, the kiddos will be in kindergarten and won't need me at home so much. i hope that after their first year of school, i'll either be looking for a job, or going back to school.

i was a billing clerk when i left the workforce to be a SAHM before the boy was born.  i've also been a administrative assistant, caseworker, and glorified babysitter therapeutic staff specialist.  i really would rather not return to these jobs so i either need to obtain training for something else, or settle for a part of my old life.

my dream job would be to own a yarn shop (surprised?) .  that feels like a pipe dream due to this economy, and to an extent, my skills.  i love my yarns, i'm a decent knitter, but to teach knitting, knit up samples - i'm not sure i could do that.  i thought of perhaps partnering with someone, either an existing LYS or opening a new one.  i'm not sure if i'd have the head for business.  there's the stock, the bills, the store space - it's not a very easy business.  i'm sure things will change in the next 5 years.  my interest may change as well.

i love books and reading, and i used to want to work in a library.  i'd like to think that i could get a job there with flexible hours, so if my kids needed me, or had games, i could tend to them.  but i wonder if libraries will be relevant in 5 years - people get books through amazon, you can read a book on a kindle, and the majority of people have web access in their own home.  will libraries become obsolete?

sometimes i think about where the greatest need will be in 5 years.  obviously the medical field should have the most options to pick from.  there's nursing, but i know i won't be able to tolerate the hours.  i'm too dumb to be a doctor (not really, but not minded for that anyway).  i thought about being a technician in a pharmacy - people will always need meds, as long as doctors keep shoving them down our throats.

of course, i could still be an at home mommy a little while longer...

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