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Thursday, November 4, 2010

knitting in books

i enjoy reading books about knitters.  but i get a bigger kick out of reading a book, only to discover a random knitter is in it!

a couple years ago i reread my judy blume books.  i discovered that a lot of her books contain a minor character who knits.  a grandmother (starring sally j. freedman as herself, are you there God?  it's me, margaret), a babysitter (it's not the end of the world) and if i thought longer, even a mom.  i even posted a message on the board of her website, inquiring as to whether or not she was a knitter herself.  she replied to my question, saying that while she wasn't a knitter and didn't had the time to learn, she thought it was an interesting craft.  how cool is that?!

i reread the little house books last year, and they are chock full of knitters and crocheters.  ma knit, laura knitted fine lace for mary's petticoat at college, and i remember laura receiving a crocheted/knitted (can't remember which) fichu from her "maid of honor" at her wedding.  laura and manly raised sheep in the first four years.  i wonder what kind of wool those sheep gave!  i loved imagining what kind of knitting needles they used.  and how's this for irony - last week i watched an episode of "little house", and noticed that oleson sold skeins of yarn!  i wonder what brand it was?  they were neatly wound, long skeins, laying on the counter - i'm guessing they coats and clark?  maybe lion brand?

jennifer weiner must be a knitter.  cannie knits in certain girls, she must have learned after good in bed.  i love reading her descriptions of hats, mittens and sweaters.  

i'm sure if i read the classics, i'd find a lot of knitters there!  


  1. Hiya, just came by to say hello, check out your blog, and wish you well with NaBloPoMo. Keep postin'! :)

  2. Jane Austen always talks about women being "accomplished" in her novels - meaning they can "cover pillows/tables" etc. Mr. Bingley remarks on it in "Pride and Prejudice."
    I love to discover knitters in books too! The Little House Books are some of my favorites! I love to discover knitters in movies or TV shows too! Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds was knitting on a plane flight a couple of seasons ago. :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Isn't their a knitter in Madame Bovary? Great post!

  4. i forgot, howie's grandmother in the "ramona quimby" books crocheted. i remember she crocheted a sweater for her dachshund - and ramona was curious about the craft!

    thanks for the kind comments everyone!


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