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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the christmas baskets

our family has a unique type of christmas basket for our holidays:

laundry baskets?  allow me to explain.

these baskets are hubby's old wash baskets.  he used them to schlep his stuff around when moving to and from the dorms in college.  if memory serves me, one of the baskets carried his stereo system (which we still have btw.  it's up in the attic tho.  i hate to part with it becos it's a good albeit outdated one).  from the appearance of the taped up handle on the green basket, they are about 20 years old.  the blue one is as sturdy as an ox.  all of the plastic wash baskets i've had are broken.

anyway, when we first got married, we used these wash baskets to carry our presents back and forth to our parents' houses during the holidays.  the green one, to my parents, and the blue one, to hubby's.  every year, we'd stack our presents in there, and return home with the gifts we'd received.

with the addition of the kids, we could use a few more baskets.  but we stack and cram what we can in the baskets, and use shopping bags or gift bags for the rest.

the baskets live under the boy's bed the rest of the year.

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