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Saturday, December 18, 2010

kate gosselin is a pinhead

hubby and i watch sarah palin's alaska.  i watch it more for kicks - she seems to be a bit of loose cannon to me - but i've been enjoying the show.  i've never considered visiting alaska, but after watching the show, i think it would be fun to visit.

last week TLC aired an episode where kate gosselin and her brood visited the palins and went camping.  i'm not sure if TLC is still trying to eke out more cracked eggs out of their decrepit tarnished goose (that would be kate) or were trying to spice up palin's show.  at any rate, if watching the show was a drinking game, i would have been passed out on the floor, by all the comments i made about kate.

kate et al aired a show about their recent travels to alaska.  i remember her bitching about it then, and i thought to myself, why would you go somewhere on vacation only to complain about it?  if you weren't interested in visiting alaska, why did you go?  at the time i figured TLC paid for the gosselins' trip, but now i'm wondering if the show wasn't in cahoots with palin's show from the get go.

anyway, palin explains that the gosselins are visiting them and that they are going camping.  when kate and the kids arrive, she has a deer caught in headlights sort of look, along with a "what the hell am i doing here" kind of face.  they chat about their large families and how hard it is to being in front of the media and paparazzi (um, i didn't see anyone holding guns to your heads.  you can stop being in front of the tv camera anytime you want.  especially you, kate).  kate made some (unkind) comments about the palins' animal trophies, particularly the bear rug.  (kate you dumb bitch, you live in the middle of PA dutch country.  you live a freaking half hour from cabella's. have you never been in a home with a deer head hanging on the wall?  where i live, practically everyone has a some kind of animal trophy.  even my folks have a deer head, although my dad didn't get it - someone else - my pap?  my uncle?  - shot it instead. and my ILs have a stuffed fox.)  sarah's father shows the children the trophies, skulls and pelts of the native animals, educating the children about them.  i thought this was very nice of him.  and the kids enjoyed it too.

in preparation for their camping trip, sarah and kate take a bear safety class.  sarah is entertained and informed by the class, kate is bored and complains about running into a bear.  next, kate and sarah take lessons in shooting at a charging bear.  sarah, as always, has a decent shot - kate is apprehensive of the rifle (actually, she shouldn't be allowed near a fire arm.  knowing her, she'd shoot her eye out!).

the next day both clans set out to camp in an area where they fish for salmon - they had to fly there.  they set up camp next to the river.  the day was dreary and gray, and apparently very cold too, becos kate complained the whole time about wearing layers of clothes and freezing. (maybe you wouldn't have been so cold if you didn't wear fancy leather boots - try duck boots and wool socks next time).  todd went fishing, the children went about collecting fire wood for the camp fire, cleaning up the space, and exploring the area.  all this time, kate stood under a tarp, bitching about being cold and wet, all the while the children were having fun (kate, you bitched about camping when you and jon were still married.  why the hell would you try it when you don't like it?  also, what did you expect out of camping in alaska?  it's not going to be like camping on a sunny hot beach.  also, camping can be rainy and cold - even in summer.  next time, maybe you shouldn't accept a challenge if it's something you know you don't like).

todd didn't catch any fish, so sarah brought out the reserves - moose hotdogs and makings for s'mores.  the children ate with gusto,  kate looked at her hot dog like it was poison, took a nibble, then made a face.  

sarah's dad came along for the trip and taught the children about the area.  both sets of kids had fun playing and interacting with each other.  kate continued to stand under the tarp, antisocial, becoming increasingly agitated, pissing and moaning about how much she hated camping, how much she hated being cold, how much she hated being wet, and how hungry she was. (gee kate, did you scarf down a dozen s'mores off camera and the sugar rush got to you?  you acted just like a 2 year old.  how sad that you looked like a sulky brat, while your kids had a ball).  

after a while, kate gave up and told her brood that it was too wet and cold and they were going home.  after they left, sarah's grandfather commented on kate's "bitching" (his words) and how the kids were having fun.  sarah, in an aside, commented that the conditions "weren't that bad" and that they basically had "lunch by the river" with the gosselins.  i will admit, sarah and her family were very gracious about the situation.  i felt bad about sarah's dad witnessing kate's rudeness, especially when he took the time to talk to the children about living in alaska.  i also felt bad about sarah's daughter piper, who was so excited to know the gosselins were going to visit (or so it appeared...), only to give a feeble wave and shrug of the shoulders when the children were whisked away home on the plane.  

it was a very interesting episode.  if anything, i felt a bit more comfortable about palin pursuing political interests.  she seemed to be a genuinely gracious hostess, despite having a difficult guest, and she rolled with the punches when the trip crumbled.  i think IRL, she's a humble person.  i know when i talked to my mom about the episode (they watch the series too, altho they are not as politically passionate as i am about her), they were impressed by how humble and down to earth she and her family are (mom's comment was that their house was normal looking, not fancy), and especially how gracious she was to kate's family.  

i have no idear if palin is doing this show as a media blitz to curry interest or becos she needs the money.  or maybe TLC is trying to milk this family for all their worth.  whatever.  her show is very entertaining and informative.  

and kate is still a pinhead.  (kate, your 15 minutes are over.  go home, take care of your feral kids, and go away).

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