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Friday, December 31, 2010

some days it's best to stay in bed

that would have been my tuesday.  if something could go wrong, it did.  nobody died (well, nobody related to me...) but it was a sucky day nonetheless.

to wit:

as i was driving to target i noticed that the cars were parked on one side of the street.  i forgot - it was tuesday and we couldn't park in front of the house.  for the first time in over 12 years that we lived in this house, WE.  GOT.  A.  FREAKING.  PARKING.  TICKET.  had i remembered ten minutes sooner, we wouldn't gotten the ticket.  i was thinking it was wednesday, not tuesday.  ugh, a $15 brain fart.

driving home from shopping, i got takeout from mcdonalds.  they got the order right (surprise!) only to have the food slide to the floor when the truck in front of me stopped on a dime, and i had to stop abruptly too.  and i was craving the fries too.  i'm grateful that it wasn't the drinks that slid on the floor - that would have made a colossal mess.

meanwhile, our new microwave cabinet arrived - however, it was package 2 of 2, with no *1* of 2.  hubby called amazon and found out that they sent out only one package and that there was no part 1.  so hubby had to run the package back to the UPS store then spent a half hour trying to explain to the telepimp from india customer service rep that we were not only returning the package but also wanted to cancel the order altogether.  hubby then spent the afternoon looking for the same cabinet, at the same price, with free shipping.

petunia and freddie had diarrhea.  as the day progressed, i felt sick too, like i could throw up.  we blamed the burgers.

i made pea soup, but after the day that was, i wasn't in the mood to eat it.  plus my stomach felt weird and i was afraid i'd throw it up.

i got this ornament for petunia, to hang in her room.  i found it broken in the shopping bag.  pretty much sums up how i felt about the day.

a dab of e-6000 will do ya.

the rest of the week hasn't fared out better.  wednesday i was sick with aches and chills and nausea.  at one point i was covered in 3 blankets and my fleece cape.  hubby had tummy troubles, spent much of the day in the can and was pretty irritable.  on thursday the boy was sick with tummy troubles - at least he's no longer constipated.

my poor folks.  they were on vacation and planned to go south for a few days but got snowed out.  then mom got a sinus infection that threatened to go to her chest.  then a lady died from my church, and dad had a funeral to plan after new years.  i told them, next year, make plans to go out of the area, and follow through.  every damn year, this happens to them.

oh well, it made for a memorable holiday vacation.

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