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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i was digging through the pile of magazines near my bathtub when i read an article about one of my favorite actresses, julia roberts, in a recent issue of elle.  she was discussing her movie "eat pray love".  i was so excited to read:

..."[preparing for a scene] as the scene is about to be shot, roberts trades her ratty pink plastic shopping bag in which she carries around her downtime knitting for a leather briefcase...later, in her bathrobe, alone in her trailer, surrounded by knitting projects, including a cap she has just finished for [tom] hanks, and a sweater in progress for her son henry..."

this is one of the rare instances that i read about her knitting.  i loved the glimpse that the article's author gave into the actress' hobby.  i was surprised that she hauls her knitting in a shopping bag.  i think i expected her to have a namaste bag, or at least a jordana paige.  even a granny's fold up knitting basket.  she carries her knitting in a shopping bag.  how down to earth is that?

then i wondered what kind of cap she knit for tom hanks.  was it a cabled beanie in a rich warm wool?  a floppy stocking cap in funky stripes?  i mean, what do you knit for someone like tom hanks?  i'm sure it's not with shitty red heart.

then there's the sweater she's knitting for her youngest child.  i wondered if it was a simple sweater, maybe with cables?  a colorful fair isle?  a stockinette sweater with an intarsia dinosaur on the front?  how warming is it that this woman, who has access to the best clothing in the world, is lovingly making her son a sweater, perhaps for christmas or his birthday.

a couple searches through ravelry came up short on anything about julia roberts - there were no groups or forums dedicated to her and unless she has a pseudonym, she is not a fellow raveler (although there was a juliaroberts, who lives on the east coast, is a SAHM with three kids and likes to knit for small children).  comments in forums about here either pertained to her movies or knits she wore in movies.  i did find this little tidbit that she has a craft room and relaxes there, knitting and sewing. how adorable is that?

image courtesy of
    no images of julia knitting (except ones of her carrying a funky felted bag, presumably knit by herself), but doesn't that just look like my shrug?  how freaking cool is that?

    imaging julia's craft projects put me in the mood for another blog contest.  here's the rules:

    1.  leave a comment about...what do you think julia knits?  what kind of yarns do you think she uses?  do you think she has a favorite knitting gadget?  does she knit with knit picks interchangeables or good old reliable susan bates aluminum straights?  what do you think she sews or crochets or weaves?

    2.  get creative!  pick one, any or all of the above!  i can't wait to read what you think!

    3.  mr. number generator will pick the winning post!

    4.  the winner will win:

    these wonderful skeins of mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo in hummingbird!

    and these cute stitch markers!

    not to be a grinch, but this contest is open to readers in the US (overseas postage is killer - with my last contest, the postage cost more than the yarn and markers put together!)  i will take comments until sunday afternoon, december 12.  have fun with this, and good luck!


    1. Those stitch markers are gorgeous!

      I think Julia Roberts knits things that are easy, like basic beanies, feminine vests, and chunky cabled mittens. She would use a combination of Cascade wool yarn, and baby alpaca :)

    2. I'll play! I think she's an addi circs girl as far as needles go. I think she probably orders from WEBS or Loopy Ewe, and knits pretty much whatever catches her fancy. No fair isle, though. I'd guess simpler looking stuff.

    3. Oh my goodness this is such a fun idea. Lets see I think she uses knit picks harmony wood needles, and her projects are most likely on the easy side because she needs to be able to put them down and tape and then be able to come back and not be lost. I am thinking caps, mittens and quick kids sweaters.

    4. She probably has the Knitpick harmony interchangeables and has picked up the knitpros when she travels so she has all the sizes & cables. Who knows? Its fun to think that she has time and enjoys it as much as the rest of us.

    5. I'm going to agree with those above and say simple knits, maybe she knows a couple patterns by heart so she can knit to relax and not have to think. I'm sure whatever she uses is organic and probably some type of wood needles. She orders from WEBS because she's too busy to shop.

    6. I'm going to imagine differently than the other players.
      I do agree that Julie probably knits simpler projects while on location. But, I don't think that she shops or knits with any of the projects that we do. I think she probably frequents more upscale knitting boutiques that cater to her. I'm sure that she may even have a yarn shop send her items, or make deliveries.
      I'm pretty sure that she would use high end yarn, possibly organic, and very high end tools. Who wouldn't? :)

    7. i'm going to guess she knits simple yet elegant items. something she doesn't have to pay too much attention to while she is working, but maybe something more intricate when she is at home in her craft room. i think she probably has an affliction for cashmere yarn as well:) she is one of my favorite actresses.

      imaginethatanid on ravelry

    8. I am certain Jula Roberts knits quick projects like hats, berets, in particular using only natural fibers of course! She probably uses circular needles for everything. While she is knitting, she must listen to her lines she has pre-recorded. Fun contest!

      knitterofhats on Ravelry

    9. My initial reaction, like everyone else's, was to think she knits simple stuff in chunky yarn... But I would be very positively surprized if it turned out she was really into complicated patterns in thin yarns. Hihi, imagine meeting Julia Roberts and discussing the best way to do a ssk without your stitch stretching out too much... :D

      By the way, I'm an international reader, but I have a friend in the US to whose address you can send the prize (if I win), so I hope it's ok if I still enter!

    10. im not a huge julia roberts fan..but i have wondered what sarah jessic parker knits(since she seems like a bold and fun person)..julia strikes me as a classic knitter who loves simple lines and great basic colors..

    11. What a wonderful giveaway! Its always fun to hear of celebrity knitters and gotta figure there is a lot of down time on sets that is perfect for knitting! I would imagine that while on set she knits simple things like hats,something she can pick up and put down easily... but i'm sure shes like the rest of us and appreciate's a good challenging knit once in a while, like a lace shawl when she is at home!

    12. I had no idea that she even knitted! I see her being into cashmere for some reason. Although I don't know her personally so that makes the question more difficult to answer. I'll bet she is a casual knitter too though so she probably doesn't have a lot of strong preferences.

    13. Somehow, I picture her knitting yoga warm up leggins.
      Noreen1009 on Ravelry.

    14. I think she knits a lot of hats! I don't know why, she just really seems like a hat person... and if she's surrounded by knitting projects, I'd imagine she knits with all sorts of yarn and probably has LOTS of needles!

      rav id: aNewKnitter

    15. I love Julia Roberts and the fact that she knits makes me love her more now! I think that makes her upcoming role in Friday Night Knitting Club even more exciting and genuine. Must've been so fun for her to shoot. Maybe she'll be working on some of her own stuff in the movie and we can wonder who she's knitting it for!!


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