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Friday, January 21, 2011

knits on ally mcbeal

i discovered that we get reelz channel on higher up cable, and was delighted to learn that they are rerunning old eppys of ally mcbeal.  i used to watch this show when i was a working girl, barely engaged to hubby.  i so related to her - the feelings of insecurity, the fear that i'd never find a man or have children.  thankfully, the fears are gone (well, except for some residual feelings of insecurity, but i can deal with it better now than i did when i was in my 20s).

anyway, i caught some episodes from the (3rd?) season, winter episodes.  ally had some fabulous knits!  to wit:

beige garter knit scarf blends in with her wool coat.  cool blue bulky knit mitties.

a closer look at the mittens.  fabulous!

my apologies for the horrendous pictures.  these were literally screen shots, taken with my iphone. look at calista's head in the first shot!  she looks like the red queen from AIW!

i wished i got a screen shot of a pair of white embroidered mittens ally wore in the christmas episode.  snow white, with tiny bright red flowers embroidered on the backs.  i tried to google images of the mittens but can't find what i want (and apparently no one else was as fascinated with these mittens like i was, never mind the episode is about 10 years old).  i looked up embroidered mittens on ravelry, and these are a pretty close match (except ally wore full mittens, not fingerless ones).  please note, this is a ravelry link (for those not on ravelry, you won't be able to view, sorry, as i don't want to gank it from the original owner.)

now i want a pair of white embroidered mittens.  never mind that i loathe white and would either soil them or lose one the minute they were worn.

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  1. You know...I have that book.....
    And I LOVED Ally McBeal.....Sad that they don't make shows like that anymore.
    And all the Barry White stuff cracks me up!


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