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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

proof she was here - an almost PSOTMC january sock

sometimes life is too damn ironic.  take my PSOTMC sock for january.

i tried.  i really tried.  i think the yarn tried too.  but sometimes things aren't meant to be.

the yarn i chose for this month's sock was noro kuryeon sock yarn in beautiful bright easter colors.  ani picked it and i was really excited to try it.  i'd used noro for felting and for scarves but it was my first time using their sock weight yarn.

casting on was a bit tricky, so i used a size 6 needle for the cast on and then sized down to a 1.5 for the cuff.  i got about an inch of the pattern knit before i discovered that the yarn was twisting onto itself.

noro yarn is notorious for its rough feel (i compare it to knitting with straw), although it felts beautifully and feels awesome when felted.  as i knitted on my jaywalker i kept giving sideways glances to my half-knit ETH sock, which sat idle on my end table.  i wish i was knitting on that instead of this awful sock, i'd think to myself, and then feel guilty.  ani picked that yarn for you, and this is a SOTMC sort of obligation, so keep on keeping on.  i picked up yarn to work on a pair of mittens.  i daydreamed about my mmmmmalabrigo for my FLS.  and my january sock didn't feel like fun anymore.

i posted my quandary on the SOTMC group on ravelry.  we have no rules per say, our goal is to knit a pair of socks a month (or every other month, or quarter, whatever our ability and time is).  i explained that i wasn't having fun knitting with this particular yarn, but hated to be a quitter, and asked what others would do if they were in my shoes.  overwhelmingly, others suggested that i switch to a yarn that i liked to use, or work on my other sock OTN, as the main goal of our little project was to have fun, and what was the fun in knitting something that was causing me displeasure?  so i frogged my sock, wound up the yarn, and chose another yarn and cast on again.  i cranked on that sock and actually got more knit on that sock in a day than i did in three.

this is steam valley fiber hand dyed sock yarn in rainbow that i got at christkindl market a year ago, squirreled away in one of the picnic baskets.  it is luscious to knit with and the pattern looks gorgeous with the colorway of rich burgundy, green and blue.  these will definitely be jeans socks.

as for that skein of noro that failed to be a sock?  i put it away, with another cake of noro sock (fall colorwave).  maybe it wants to be a shawl instead.

as for the sock that could have been?  i called it proof that she was here, becos like ani was with us for a too short of time, so was this sock.

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  1. Your replacement sock is gorgeous! Wise choice.


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