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Monday, January 10, 2011

switching it up

made some changes to the blog - new banner, darker background, different fonts.  you likey?

the neighborhood is going to pot:

this pot showed up on our porch railing.  i think it used to belong to our neighbors next door (the ones who foreclosed).  i have no idear why it's here or why someone gave it to us, but i have this fear that someone is using it for a drug drop, and that perhaps knotty knitter is a drop off location.  :(

jj 2.0 is going very well.  sock 1 is completed, and i have sock 2 about a quarter completed.  jaywalkers fly off my needles, it seems.

     i promised i wouldn't get new stash, but i ordered these while i was padding an order ordering size 7 nickel tips from KP.

and a yuck:

i had a chocolate jones and picked these up at weis market friday night.  so much for satiating it.  i wonder if i can get a free candy bar if i kvetch enough?

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