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Thursday, January 20, 2011

told you so

after i kvetched about the "welcome to sunbury" signs in this post, our local paper shared their thoughts about it:

"signs are too wordy"

i'm so LMAO at this one.

these signs are so redundant and stupid.  to wit:

the recreational activities they list are all outdoor activities.  the fabri-dam, lake augusta, shikellamy state park - aren't they one and the same?  the dam creates the lake, during the warm months.  it's not like you can climb on the dam.  river front park - what else can you do there but walk or ride your bike?  but watch out - you have to cross busy front street to get there.

then there's the 4th street recreational complex, which includes fort discovery playground and the skate park.  i took the boy to the playground a handful of times but often found it littered with empty cans and trash and occasional broken equipment.

may i remind you that the activities they tout are best during warm or fair weather months?  i don't fish or boat and i won't take my children to a dirty playground.  stupid.

then there's the history portion of our fair county seat:

there's chief shikellamy and conrad weiser, both important figures during the infancy of our county.  fort augusta/hunter museum.  col. james cameron, a civil war hero.  then their edison, who chose a hotel in the city for lighting his bulbs.

interesting, but meh.

hubby and i talked about sunbury a few nights ago.  i moved to this area nearly 20 years ago, and even i see the changes in the city.  industry is nearly nil, businesses have closed due to lean times/competition, and more and more unsavory people move to the city every day (i heard a rumor that there were actual signs in yankee stadium urging people to move to sunbury becos it was so easy to get on welfare).

perhaps they should have sank that sign money into finding ways to lure businesses and employment to the area, instead of focusing on activities that not many people actually do.  or, i don't know, purchase a recently closed church building and transform it into a community center that could attract entertainment possibilities all year round, so we wouldn't have to travel distances to see a band or a play.

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