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Monday, February 28, 2011

big love knits

big love is one of my favorite tv shows to watch.  when it turns 9pm sunday night in the mcknitster household, you know that hubby and i are watching big love.  

big love filled the large void that was left when six feet under closed up shop.  it's now in its final season.  while i'm a bit sad about that, big love definitely run its course and any more seasons would just weigh it down.

last night's episode was loaded with big love knits, i nearly plotzed myself.  to wit:

cara lynn, nikki's daughter, wearing a grey waffle knit scarf.

ben henrickson (bill and barb's son), wearing a crocheted square afghan, at rhonda volmer's (roman grant's almost umpteenth wife) house.

pam martin, margene's friend and neighbor, wearing a terra cotta cabled hat.

lois henrickson, bill's mom, wearing a brown shawl collared cardigan.

margene heffman henrickson, wearing an dark orchid waffle scarf.

i don't believe i ever remember a BL season during the cold months, and i forget that utah gets cold and snow too.  anyway, you know a show has awesome knits when your hubby even notices them (that would be pam's cable hat.  nice catch, hubby!)

there are three episodes left of this show.  i wonder what other knits we'll see?

a note:  please excuse my pathetic attempts of screen shots.  i wish i knew how to do them on my computer.  

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