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Sunday, February 13, 2011

one sock and one ugh

i completed sock one of my PSOTMC for february:

sweetheart socks on size 2s, with jitterbug.  this is the first time i've used this yarn, and it's really nice.  not splitty, not tangly, it reminds me a bit of koigu.  pattern is pretty straightforward, even the lace heart chart is easy to follow.

the pattern called for 64 stitches, and i wish i decreased down to 60, my magic number for socks.  the socks fit, loosely.  a few stitches shorter and the fit would have been snugger.  oh well.

and one ugh:

twin ponds fiber farm country kitchen yarn in bright eastery colors.  i found the skein on the floor when i was fixing the metal picnic basket it lives in (don't ask.  i don't sound good in the story).  it was a cheerful skein and i've been in the dumps this week, and i thought, i'll make another moebius cowl.  and this time it will be in the pattern i want.  so i started knitting a garter stitch moebius (becos i miscounted my stitches for basketweave)  and i got about 2 inches in when i realized, this isn't going to be a pretty cowl.  the colorwave is pretty, but it looks more splotchy thank pooly.  it's also 50/50 mohair/wool, and a bit fuzzy/scratchy, and i didn't think i'd like that around my neck.  so i frogged it and decided to make this hat instead (courtesy of the influence of the yarn harlot).  we'll see how this one shakes out.

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