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Friday, February 11, 2011

quick and dirty - a moebius cowl

cowls seem to be the knit du jour on blogs as of late, and it's been so bloody cold out so i thought i'd knit up one of my own.

i used plymouth expressions becos it was a nice bulky yarn and i knew it would knit up quick.  using size 13 needles, i used cat bordhi's moebius cast on and cast on 52 stitches.

i planned to knit a basketweave mobius but forgot to K4P4 about 2 rows in.  not a problem i thought, it'll be a garter mobius.  until i was 5 rows in and realized the cowl was half purl half stockinette.  i then remembered that when knitting garter on cowls, you have to alternate knit and purl rows. *headpalm*

no biggy.  it'll just be a ribbly looking cowl.  so i knit 5 rows and purled 5 rows.  


fits nicely around the neck - i was afraid it might be too tight.  i was glad it was only a 50(100) stitch cowl.

and it will be cuddly and warm around my neck when wearing a coat.

i cast this cowl on in the morning, and finished it by evening.  most of the knitting i did while waiting for a doctor's appointment.  hence, why it's "quick and dirty".


  1. Oh wow - I LOVE it! Looks sooooo snug :)

    Much love,
    Kim x


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