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Thursday, March 24, 2011


i found this post while lurking visiting one of the groups on ravelry.  after all the crap my body is going through, i really should just be grateful for it, even if for one day.  forgive your body day (FUBD or "fubbed" for short) was a couple days ago, but i think we should make peace with our bodies more often than that.  

this week i've visited 2 doctors, one for my diabetes, one for my HS.  tomorrow i will probably be taking the boy to the doctor for a possible sinus infections (he was "sent home" from school today with 101 fever).  while i was waiting for my appointments, i observed other patients waiting to see their doctor.  different ages, body types, health issues.  i thought about my own health issues, and felt some gratitude that ...

i may be fat, but at least i can still walk.  i could be in a wheelchair.

i'm young enough to turn around my health issues.  many of the patients were old.

i only visit my doctors on a need to basis, or at least every few months.  some of the patients saw their doctor every week.  

i bitch about my snug pants, my goofy numb big toe, and i have no room to complain.  none at all.  i remember what my body did for me:

it carried 3 beautiful healthy babies to term.

it can swim 40 laps (on a really good day).

its resilience and strength during tough times gobsmacks me.  

so instead of complaining about my body, i should give it some praise.  maybe the encouragement will bring me better health.

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  1. Bravo on focussing on the good things, and on encouraging others to do the same :) Our bodies really are fantastic things.

    For me, I should be more thankful to my body - however much time I spend in waiting rooms (sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes only once or twice a month), my body has never let me down and has survived everything I've thrown at it as a consequence of my mental health. Really quite astounding!

    Thank you for sharing this post and encouraging us to think about how blessed we are :)

    Much love,


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