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Saturday, April 9, 2011

getting the pretty back - a book review

if you're a true 80s girl, there's a good chance one of your favorite movies was "sixteen candles", "pretty in pink" or "the breakfast club".  molly ringwald starred in all of these movies and was the quintessential "it girl" of that time.  tall and cute with a funky style, she was the girl the boys wanted...and who the girls wanted to be.  i remember when i was growing up, wishing i had her offbeat style, her signature red hair (who knew i'd have to marry and also give birth to a redhead to finally get a redhead?).  she seemed like a cool big sister.

molly seemed to drop off the face of the map in the 90s but surfaced occasionally for a show on broadway or tv.  she currently stars in the secret life a the american teenager.  now married with children (her daughter is the same age as the boy, and her twins are a month older than my kiddos), she recently added "author" to her long list of achievements, writing getting the pretty back last year.

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getting the pretty back  is a "self-help" sort of memoir.  molly shares her thoughts on friendship, love, fashion, food, and parenthood.  in short, she talks about "growing old gracefully".  i wanted this book, mostly becos she was one of my favorite actresses and the book sounded interesting.  hubby got me this book for mother's day last year, and i finally got around to reading it recently.

the book is full of common sense stuff - spend more money on classic fashion and less on trendy pieces;  don't have sex on the first date;  wear sunscreen.  she doesn't delve much into her history - any anecdotes are regarding adult relationships, and you won't see any gossip on any fellow brat packers.  her book is a bit flavored with "celebrity" - how many people get to take a cooking class in paris?  how many of us are having play dates in hollywood (well, not hollywood, but you know what i mean)?

reading the book is a bit like having a conversation with a big sister.  it's pretty much brain candy, but i did appreciate and agree with some her opinions.   out of *****, i give getting the pretty back ***1/2.

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