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Monday, March 21, 2011

knitting mojo...

...i seemed to have lost it.  :(

i'm still feeling run down, and i haven't felt like knitting.  i worked on Clara today while waiting at a doctor appointment, but it was the first time i picked it up since last monday (ironically enough, at another doctor appointment).  it barely left my purse (except for me to take its picture yesterday):

Clara was supposed to be knit with Glimpse by 3IG.  Clara decided she wanted to be dream in color smooshy in pansy golightly.  right now i'm in the middle of the garter stitch increases, so it's nice quiet mindless knitting.

then there's PSOTMC for march - sunday swing:

swinger needs a mate.  apparently i have SSS.  not that the pattern is difficult or anything - loved working it and the sock flew off my needles - but for some insane reason, i'm just not feeling the sock love.  i have until next wednesday to complete it.  shouldn't be hard to do if i work on it during the evening.  just have to cast on, and there lies the problem.  i have no mojo to cast on.  :(

and i really gotta start cranking on this:

it's freaking garter stitch.  i'm making one stroller sized blanket.  not hard at all.   i want to complete it by the end of april.  but alas - i'm just not feeling it.

i think i am so exhausted from being sick, tending to petunia (and now freddie) and their colds and having a crazy busy weekend, that i can't be bothered to do anything.  my knitting mojo isn't the only thing taking a beating - so's reading.  i don't feel like reading either (although i have no deadline on any books).  

hopefully this weekend i can catch up on rest (!!! with kids !!!) and my mojo will return.  


  1. It's an epidemic. I have the exact same problem. Part of my problem is reprinting patterns that I have already printed. I'm so unfocused it's awful. I miss my knitting time. :(
    Maybe Thursday will revive us?

  2. No kidding! I need a shot in the arm!

    Totally understand the patterns bit. Clara is still in testing stages and every day there's a new update. I finally trashed my first pattern and update on my phone now and when I get to the charts I'll print them out.


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