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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

primetime knitting


i'm discovering, with twins and a big kid, that my knitting time is at a precious premium.

long gone are the times when i used to knit while the boy played with his thomas cars, listening to blue's clues.  my weekly monday night knit nights at the library are sadly becoming few and far between.  with two very active kiddos, i'm lucky if i pick up my sticks at all.

i try to carve out time in the evenings, while watching my favorite shows.  quite often i'm asking hubby what's going on with the story becos i focus on my knitting.  i enjoy knitting while they nap;  unfortunately their naps are shrinking and more often than not, i'm catching up on chores, reading, and, what i like most, napping myself.  very rarely do i knit when the kiddos are awake.  if i do, i'm knitting on something that is mindless like a simple hat or sock.  but i quickly learned that it's best to not knit when they're awake, since i'm forever chasing the kiddos away from drawers, gates and other attractions, and nothing is more frustrating than losing my spot (and concentration) in my knitting.

hubby reminds me to bide my time - eventually the kiddos will grow up.  too soon, they will be playing by themselves and needing me less.  next year the kiddos will be in preschool, and i'll gain an extra 2 hours of prime knit time (and quiet in the house!)  in three years, they will be in school all day, and i'll be all by my lonesome.  with my yarn.  if i'm not back to work by then.

for now, i simply snitch knit time from here and there.  i work on a sock while waiting at the doctor's.  i work a row or two before choir practice.  and i relish prime drive time, when hubby's driving and i'm riding shotgun with my needles.  my precious few minutes of knitting is so much better than no time to knit all all.  


  1. I remember those days. Time passes quickly but not while you are in the middle of it. Enjoy the time you have with both your kids and your knitting.

  2. I know just what you mean, my 2 year old is so hard to occupy while his brother and sister are at school.


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