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Friday, April 1, 2011

PSOTMC - april's pick

i barely have a cuff on sock #2 of march's PSOTMC, but that didn't stop me from pulling this month's lucky pick:

this is the yarn i hoped to pull in march.  how funny i'd get it for april!

this is tweed by pingouin (penguin).  i got it in saratoga springs several years ago.  it languished in sock yarn limbo until i liberated it.  when i looked it up on my rav stash, i didn't even have a link for it.  i had to dig quite a bit until i found an appropriate linky.  i learned a couple things - apparently my yarn has been discontinued - and it's also apparently difficult to find in the states.

it's a thicker yarn - worsted weight - and i only have 2 skeins of it, so i'll have to get creative with this one!  i don't think i'll be able to make socks with this yarn, but perhaps i can squeak out a pair of fingerless mitts.

maybe it's kismet i pulled this yarn.  it shouldn't take too much time to knit a pair of worsted weight mitts.  and i can use the extra month for my march socks.  

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