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Friday, April 29, 2011

real brides wear lace sleeves

image courtesy of we*heart*it

i wish there was a betting pool - becos i guessed that kate/catherine would wear long lace sleeves!  can i just say how refreshing it is to see a bride wearing something other than a boring strapless gown?  i suppose there was a royal edict of how much skin to show, but kate's wedding dress was elegant and modern at the same time.  her dress reminded me of princess grace's dress.  maybe now designers will make wedding dresses that are anything but strapless.  strapless is boring and depending on the shape, not very flattering either.


watching the royal wedding (which i swore i wasn't going to do, except i wanted to see the dress and the hats) made me think back to my own wedding and my own wedding dress.  i got married in the late 90s, before the era of "bridezilla".  most gowns still bore the "mutton leg" sleeves which princess diana set as a precedence in the 80s, in addition to lots of frills.  i didn't want a lot of frill - a little bit of lace, a little bit of glitter, but most of all i wanted lacy bell sleeves for my dream dress.  do you know how hard it is to find bell sleeves?

the bridal shop i went to didn't have any bell sleeves.  bell sleeves weren't "in".  i had to make do with "cuffs"

and i loved my tiara.  that was my mom's rainbow tiara.  

i loved my train:

i didn't want a big poofy dress, so i chose not to wear hoop slip.  big and poofy was in then, and considering i was already "big and poofy" i didn't want to be "bigger and poofier".  i chose white becos i look like a corpse in ivory.  this was just before the subtle shaded dresses became vogue.  if i got married today, i'd rock a pale green or periwinkle dress.  i look so much better in color.  i wanted to wear my beloved doc martins, but mom shot that idea down pretty fast.  i think i wore a pair of white low heels.  i don't think i have them anymore.  today, i'd get married in my bare feet, becos not only do i hate heels, but i can't walk in them either (and no, i wouldn't wear hand knit socks either).  

my dress and veil sits in a rubbermaid tub in a closet at my parent's house.  maybe someday petunia will wear my dress.  and if she wants to hack it to bits to make it her own, that's fine by me!

most women crow about finding the "perfect" dress.  was mine perfect?  it doesn't matter.  on my wedding day it didn't matter what i wore, or how much fun the reception was.  i was marrying my soul mate, and nothing else mattered.

forget william - i found my prince.  and we've been living happily ever after since:

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  1. You look very pretty in lace sleeves! I agree about strapless gowns. :-/ I guess as you say, they are 'in'. I'm sure that princess Kate's dress will inspire lace sleeves in the near future. :-)


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