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Thursday, May 5, 2011

april PSOTMC - late, but not FAIL

i almost wrote this post with a picture showing just my yarn pick for april's installment of my PSOTMC.  i thought april was going to be a big FAIL.  a lot can happen in a day - look!

socks for the hand!

i posted last month that this yarn didn't lend itself to a pair of socks - i had 2 small skeins, probably not enough for a sock a piece.  the yarn was more DK weight than fingering, and it was a rough tweed, not quite right for my pampered sensitive tootsies.  i thought i would do a pair of fingerless mitts and even set off and knitted one up (designed by me!) but it was huge and shapeless.  into the frog pond it went, and the cakes of yarn sat in time out in their brown lunch sack.

after slogging through the log cabin baby blanket all month, my eyes crossing from all the garter stitch, i decided that enough was enough and it was time for the blanket to go on time out.  it wouldn't be done in time for the baby shower, my cousin isn't due for another month, and i needed to knit something quick and dirty to give me some self worth.

while digging around for a pattern that went with may's PSOTMC pick (more on that in a future post) i found this pattern for the mitts.  the pattern is pixie chic wristwarmers from a back issue of simply knitting.  the yarns were nearly identical (penguin is to rowan, yeah right!) and i remembered how much i liked the pattern, so i grabbed it and cast on with glee.  i cranked on that mitt all evening and finished up by bedtime.

the finished product calls for buttons sewed to the backs of the mitts.  i need to dig around in my button jars for something.  

i feel a bit weird that i knit mitts instead of socks for my PSOTMC, but as there are no knitting police enforcing any kind of rule, i'm going for it.  it's fun to knit outside of the box sometimes!  


  1. Have you gone over our bandwidth? All of your photos are 404s!

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  3. okay, i think it's fixed...i could see the pics on my computer but not on my iphone...weird. :) thanks!


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