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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

green thumb

on saturday morning hubby, the boy and i planted our garden and flower beds.

our front walk - begonias and impatiens

the window box beside the house  - red sage

our back yard - mostly perennials

new for this year - herbs in my strawberry pot - parsley, cilantro, basil and dill

i miscalculated on my sage count, so i planted my peppermint here instead...

peppers and celery plants

there's a stalk of asparagus in there.  i only got 3 stalks so far this year...

the backyard garden

patio tomatos and lettuce

grape tomatos and more lettuce

the boy wanted to feed the birds, so i got a proper bird feeder for him.  i think the squirrels like it more.

for years this triangle was a wasteland for annuals, vegetables and a rampant lamb's ear.  last year we got spreaders, and i got two more this year.  it's just easier to tend to, and not as much weed.  shame we can't do this to all the beds.

thank goodness for these bad boys - praying for just enough rain this summer so we don't have to use the hose and faucet.  i wish we had more barrels - no where to put them really.  if we ever build a house, i would love a cistern.

now, i swore to hubby that i would tend to the plants this year.  this is my goal - to tend to my plants and actually make my garden grow, instead of counting on the rain (and hubby) for keeping them up.  let's see how far i get!


  1. Your yard looks great! I love the little flags along the walkway.
    I really like your rain barrels. I wish we had something like this. I'll have to look into it.

  2. Our extension office offers classes to make the barrels for a small fee. Hubby and my dad made these a few years ago. They're a godsend during dry times!


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