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Monday, May 30, 2011

KDO 2011

the sneak peek class list is up on the knitter's day out website!   KDO is september 9th this year - usually it's the last weekend of september.  i have no idear what the class schedule is yet.  registration gets you either one full day class or 2 half day classes.  classes run friday evenings or all day saturday.

i am so excited...what to choose?  these are the classes i'm interested in...

crochet for knitters (i can do single crochet around my work, but i never could figure out how to crochet row by row...)

eventide shawl (rav linky)

intro to bobbin lace (my dad's grandmother and aunt did this, and i have some of their old shuttles...)

needle tatting (intriguing)

shadow or illusion knitting (knitty gritty had an episode about this and i've always wanted to learn...)

spindle spinning for beginners (i suggested a class like this in the comments form last year!  this is the class i want the most!!)

registration starts june 1.  registration is first come first serve, so i make sure i get my registration form in as soon as the catalog hits my mailbox!  i've been lucky in getting my first choice of classes, but there don't seem to be as many classes this year (unless they are offered more than one session) so there may be a rush to get the choicier classes.  also, classes taught by guest instructors fill pretty quickly.

enjoy!  maybe i'll see one of you this year!

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