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Saturday, May 28, 2011

let's not twist again...

a few days ago horrible twisters blew through the midsection of our country.  our area experienced twisters from the same weather system a day later.  we watched the news as the meteorologists followed "unusual formations" develop in several locations in our region.  one formation was about 30 miles southwest of us.  as the maps flashed on the screen, we watched as one "cell" developed across the river from us.  the sky became very dark, the wind picked up, and rain poured in buckets.  the storm lasted maybe 10 minutes and then it was sunny again.

a while later, as hubby was calling MIL, she reported that she was unable to drive home as the road was closed with downed trees and branches;  she had to backtrack and drive home across the river and through sunbury.  her coworker called to see if she got home okay;  the road was still open when she went through.  MIL was about 5 minutes behind her coworker in leaving the office.  in that time span, a severe storm blew through and created a lot of damage. we learned the next day that it was indeed a tornado that went through.  it was only 4 miles away.  we were safe, as was my MIL and their home which is a mile away from us.  but it's still a scary thought, knowing a tornado was so near.

hubby took video of the devastation yesterday.  i took pictures going to and from yoga today:

lots of down trees and branches.  they were still cutting them up, 2 days later.

this home sustained a lot of damage.  i believe reports stated that at least 10 properties were damaged.

this was a baby twister in comparison to the ones out west.  but it was a big enough baby to do a lot of nasty damage!

this isn't my first "experience" with a tornado.  years ago, my folks and i went to cooperstown new york for a vacation.  the first night we were there, there were awful storms.  i remember we parked under an underpass becos of torrential rain (now we know it was dangerous to park there, had there been a tornado).  we arrived at our hotel and went to supper at the pizza hut in front of the hotel, but the power cut out.  we had to wait a long time to get our pizza, and got it for free becos of the inconvenience.  the power was also out in the hotel, so we weren't able to go swimming.  we holed up in the room and decided to turn in early.  it stormed for most of the night, and it wasn't until the next morning that we learned that a small tornado touched down a mile or two down from the hotel.  the power was still out, so we decided to check out and move on to the next leg of the trip.  we got a reduced hotel rate for our inconvenience, too.

we drove past the path where the twister touched down.  it was on the side of a ridge.  while there were a lot of downed trees and branches, few properties sustained damage (if memory serves me, it was near a farm).  it was scary to know how close we were to a tornado.

whenever we visit cooperstown, i still look for the damage.  last year (12 years after the tornado) i easily found the downed trees, rotting quietly on the ground.  i bet they'll be there for years to come.

the destruction is unbelievable.  i pray for help and healing to those affected by those storms and tornados both here and in the midwest.

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