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Thursday, May 26, 2011

sprechen sie socke? PSOTMC for october/may

remember these socks?

i started these way back in october for my newly hatched PSOTMC.  i bought this yarn at the mannings three years ago as part of my "ani" stash and thought it was appropriate for "octoberfest".  or maybe that should be "socktoberfest"!

sprechen sie socke? (rav linky)
yarn:  schoeller-stahl fortissima colori socka color in 2006 german flag
needle size:  1.5/2.5mm
pattern:  plain vanilla sock with short row heel (!!)

after finishing the second sock i frogged the toe of the first sock, becos the foot was short.  that was my challenge with this pair:

as with the second sock, i extended the first foot by one stripe and ended with black toes.  now they fit!  :)

i also worked hard to match the stripes up.  i think i did a decent job matching them up - i may be off by a row or two, but they look pretty matchy to me.

yay!  one more WIP/UFO done!  now to dig through the basket...

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