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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my favorite thing! our new vacuum sweeper


i'm having a slobbering love affair with a stupid vacuum sweeper.

we got our versus a couple years ago.  since we got rid of our carpets we needed a light sweeper, and hubby found the versus online.  it was a decent little sweeper until a month ago, when the sweeper broke at the base.  we searched around, looking online at vaccums and sweepers, both electric and manual.  we almost got a restaurant type push sweeper, and it had decent reviews (it picked up wet material, and since the kiddos dump their wet food on the floor a lot it would have been helpful) and was reasonably priced.  i was still unsure about it.  hubby did more digging online and found the hoover linx.  good reviews.  cordless.  price not terribly bad.  so we ordered it and a few days later it arrived.

this vac runs like a dream.  it takes a battery which charges in a few hours time.  good swivel, picks up things way under furniture (nice and flat).  the battery lasts about 20 minutes, but our home isn't very big, so we clean the upstairs one day, and the downstairs the next.  i actually look forward to clean up now.  o.O

the hoover linx.  a new favorite thing!

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