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Saturday, August 20, 2011

completed - a very special project

i finished my special olympics scarf!

i love moebius scarves.  they seem to fly for me, and this one was completed in a couple of days.  knit on a size 9, 47" circular needle, i cast on 200 stitches, which equals 400 for both edges.  the scarf was supposed to have only one twist, but becos my needle cord is tworked i think the final product wound up with 2 and a half twists.  i used red heart ltd classic solid in cherry red and soft navy (red heart yarns is the official sponsor for the scarf project).

can i say how much i hate this ruddy yarn?  it's like knitting with plastic soda bottles.  i am accustomed to yarn with give and while i have no problem with wool acrylic blends (that would be plymouth) this yarn was awful to work with.  now, i could have used RH softy but i couldn't find it at ben franklin (apparently it's at michaels).

as the scarf grew, the twork got tighter and tighter, and it was hard to knit.  i was worried that the cable would pull out of the coupling (as had with another moebius scarf a couple years ago).  i wound up casting off and crocheting an edge to the scarf, to add an extra inch (knitted, i think it was about 5 inches).  i liked doing the edging.  i like that the scarf is both knit and crochet!

when i made SO scarves a few years ago, i cheated and used patons for the soft white yarn (cos how many variations of white are out there?) and the delft blue in RH.  it wasn't as hard to knit with, using the patons.  then i found this thread in the ravelry group that said that substitutions weren't appropriate and that any scarves that weren't entirely red heart wouldn't be used.  they wanted the scarves to be uniform colorwise (which makes sense) and people may have sensitivities to wool or another animal fiber (which makes total sense).

then there was this thread about walmarts in idaho selling "our" scarves with the proceeds going to special olympics.  many were offended that their hard work was being sold, instead of being donated to the athletes' supporters (sorry, bad pun) or even given to homeless shelters or programs.  there was one devil's advocate who said that during training, the scarves were piled on a basketball court, and the pile was as tall as the hoop and as wide as the free throw line.  that's a lot of scarves!  SO was only expecting a thousand scarves but instead received tens of thousands.  i'm not crazy about the choice, but hopefully my scarf went somewhere, and that a lot of money was raised by selling them.

here's my linky for my scarf, and here's the linky for further information about making a special olympics scarf.

three twists for a close fit around the neck:

two twists for a looser look:

or a single wrap to share with the one you love:

i still have half skeins of red heart left.  i'm using it for another secret special project... ;)

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