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Thursday, September 15, 2011

all fixed - spicy hot tomato

remember my hot tomato with spots?  i fixed it.

i found another skein at rosie's and ordered it.  i wanted to have something to wear to KDO so i ripped the ruffle and a repeat (basically the rows where the ugly black spots were).  i cranked on this while we were homebound with the floods.

as i call petunia, here's my "pretty-pretty":

a really bad self photo of me wearing it...

i got that closure at KDO.  it's leather and it screws on.

my hot tomato.  i love her.  :)


  1. Oh goodness, this is stunning! You look lovely in it - the colour really suits you!

    Much love,

  2. Oh wow! Much better :) I'm glad that you managed to fix it!

  3. Smashing! The clip looks really neat with it too!


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