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Thursday, September 29, 2011


a group i used to belong to on ravelry used to have a gratitude thread.  i loved posting in that thread - i felt it helped me account for the little things i felt were blessings.  mostly i was grateful for my children, or something hubby did for me.  i often felt uncomfortable sharing my blessings with the women in the group - i'm sure there were people who didn't share in my joy.  i've since left the group and while there's another group on ravelry for daily thanks i've been too shy to join it.

for some time now i've been feeling a lot of defeat and bitterness in my life.  as a mom with twins and a big kid, i'm constantly working with a deficit - tiredness, feeling overwhelmed, but most of all, feeling alone.  for months i felt like i was merely treading water, and just as i'd get my head above water getting dunked again and again, with no chance to catch my breath.  with this breathlessness and exhaustion came the bitter feelings - bitterness towards people who seemingly have an easy life, or have things at their disposal that i can only wish for.  no doubt these negative feelings came about as i lost track of my blessings.

then cath, one of my favorite bloggers shared this beautiful post.  this woman (linky has music) shared her journey in gratitude - a journey that is as complex as it is simple.  her challenge - find one thousand gifts to be grateful for.  ann wrote a book describing her journey and what she learned along the way.  cath started her challenge on the first day of fall and invited her readers to join her in the journey.

i accepted this challenge.  finding things to be grateful for - no matter how small - certainly nourish the soul.  i desire accountability - i know my thousand gifts are out there - tenfold probably - i want to acknowledge them.  i need to acknowledge them.

so i'm starting a new theme - gratitude wednesdays.  wednesdays seem like a good day to count blessings - it's midweek, a typical "church wednesday" for my family.  weariness seems to set in on this day for me.  i considered sundays but i usually do my "faith post" then.  i thought monday (beginning of the week) or friday (a nice way to end the week) could work, but wednesday seems best.

i found this wonderful quote via pinterest:


ain't it the truth!

so for today...

1.  i'm grateful for cath and her wonderful blog, and for sharing this idea with her readers.

2.  i'm grateful that the kiddos had a good time at library yesterday.  i felt incredibly empowered.

3.  i'm grateful for yummy apples.

4.  i'm grateful for when hubby holds my hand when i'm upset.

5.  i'm grateful for being able to hear the rumbly thunder we had a couple days ago.

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