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Saturday, October 8, 2011

new fall tv shows

we're a few weeks into the new fall tv viewing season, and it's time to see how the new shows are holding up...

monday nights i watched the the playboy club.  it sounded interesting and i've always had a desire to don a bunny outfit.  let's just say the best part is the costumes.  the show's now canceled and i can delete the series recording from my dvr with no guilt.

i planned to watch hart of dixie but i refuse to give up house or mike and molly.  from what i heard, it's a weak show anyway.

tuesday nights are my ringer nights.  i am absolutely intrigued by the good twin/bad twin premise of this show.  and i love SMG.

hubby wanted to watch new girl so i recorded the first episode.  i'll admit that i just didn't get it.  i love zooey deschanel and her quirkiness and her blue eyes but the show just was weird to me.  a couple episodes in and it's growing on me.  this week's wedding episode was pretty funny.

i wanted to see unforgettable but i didn't want to give up my body of proof or parenthood.  i suppose i could get caught up by watching eppys online but i don't like viewing shows on my computer.

a couple new shows are on wednesday nights.  i was excited to see up all night becos i can relate to the challenges of adjusting to a new baby(ies).  i'm not sure how i feel about the show now.  christina applegate and will arnett are hoots as new parents (a little bit silly) and i love maya rudolph, but some shows feel like it's more about her than about the parents or the baby.  the new car episode was pretty funny and i'm willing to give it more chances, but i really don't relate to this show.

suburgatory is in it's second week, and the jury is out on this too.  the first episode was kinda funny, and i was too busy talking with hubby to pay attention to this week's episode.  i'm not sure i'm going to get it, but i'm willing to try.

i watched episodes of revenge on demand (becos i refuse to give up csi:vegas or svu).  the first episode was intriguing.  the second  i'll give it a couple more episodes but my interest is already waning.

we kick off thursday nights with charlie's angels.  i loved the original and i loved the movies and we wondered if a reboot would do the franchise any justice.  well, the first eppy was interesting - there was a nice mix of old and new elements.  second episode - i honestly can't remember a thing about it.  this is another show i'll give an effort to.  i'm intrigued.

person of interest is another new show i've been excited about.  linus and jesus fight crime!  the first episode left me confused, but the second episode was better.  i'm really looking forward to seeing how this show unfolds.

i watch prime suspect on demand becos i refuse to give up the mentalist or private practice.  i'm not sure about this show either.  for some reason it feels too much like SVU.  maybe i'm just tired of crime procedurals.

there's only one new show on friday nights and that's a gifted man.  this show is slowly growing on me.  i like the mix of ghost led doctor - it's fulfilling my medium/med procedural nicely.  i'm curious to see where it leads.

on sunday nights we watch pan am.  i like this show a lot better than playboy club.  i love the glamour of the show but there is also a bit of mystery.  this is quickly becoming one of my favorite new shows.

there are a couple new shows that haven't aired yet that i can't wait to watch.  i can't wait to see once upon a time.  the mix of fairytale land and right now sounds really interesting and cool!  and to be honest, any show with ginnifer goodwin, lana parilla and robert carlyle would rock.

ironically the other new show i'm curious to see is also about fairy tales. if "law and order" and "charmed" hooked up the resulting love child would be grimm.  tv guide didn't give it strong reviews but it sounds very interesting and i can't wait until it airs.

let's see.  AMC is now off the air, so that freed up some viewing.  with the change in the season also came schedule changes and i lost chicago hope and mad about you reruns.  fame reruns are on their second run so i don't watch them.  big bang theory is now in syndication and we started watching from the beginning.  why was i so afraid of this show?  it is freaking hilarious!  i'd like to to think i'm a geek, but i'm not that hard core geek, but i get it.  boy, do i relate to sheldon.  his comments and behaviors - that's me!  particular spot to sit at home or church - me!  inability to relate to most people - me!  hubby and i wet ourselves watching this show.

i guess it's pretty obvious.  I WATCH TOO DARN MUCH TV.  :P

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  1. I love comedies, but the new girl just kind of... meh. I thought it was silly but I didn't like any of the characters. Same for American Horror story (a total don't watch unless you want to laugh at how bad it is.) I'm sad about the Playboy Club, it seemed to have potential... but floundered.

    I really only watch stuff that's on hulu. Grimm looks cool, though - I'll have to look into that!


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