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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

owlet quandary

so i knit petunia a sweater.  owlet seems to be a bit short and snug (and this is the toddler size 2-4!)  i know yarn makes a difference and i got gauge but i'm just not happy.

(my apologies for the crappy pics - the first two were taking at night in a hurry, and the third was taken with the door open in morning light.  none are correct in color).

i was afraid i'd run out of yarn but i had one whole skein and quite a bit of a second left over.  i think becos i'm knitting with worsted instead of bulky i'll be okay (and i can always order a fifth).

i considered blocking the sweater but i don't think i'm going to get enough length or width.  i'm seriously considering frogging the whole thing and knitting the next size up.  i cranked on this one for a couple of days - it really is a quick knit - and it wouldn't take long to knit it over.  i really planned on petunia wearing this for more than one season.  am i crazy?

i also started knitting freddie's owlet, this one in copper:

i cast on with stitches for the next size.  i'm nearly finished with the waist ribbing and then i'll start the body.  so far i'm happy with it.

that's it.  i'm frogging petunia's and starting over.  what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger!

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  1. I say, frog! You'll just frog it when she outgrows it and make another, right?


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