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Saturday, November 26, 2011

chisholm cowl

i think i broke the juju of the chisholm yarn.  behold!  a FO!

(check out me with the shorter hair and new glasses!)

this is chisholm moebius cowl (complete with ravelry linky).  i got this yarn a few years ago and it has undergone many scarf variations (including the antler scarf, which i loved, but the knitting dragged and i couldn't stand the cabling).  so i played up my strength and cast on a moebius scarf instead.

knit on 47 inch circs with size 9 tips, i cast on 104 stitches (becos i planned to knit a basket weave scarf but changed my mind).  i started this on thursday morning (with intentions of working on it driving home from thanksgiving dinner - didn't happen) and cranked on it friday evening.  i like working with WOTA and this was a pleasant project to work on.  maybe the juju is broken and i can finish the matching mittens?

i love knitting moebius scarves.  they seem to knit up quickly - i can knock one out in a matter of days (in this case, less than a day).  here are my tips on knitting a moebius scarf:

1.  start with the longest circular needle you have.  i prefer 47 inches - i don't think you could go shorter than that without the cord getting tight, especially as the scarf grows wider.

2.  use a "stretchy" yarn.  i HATE*HATE*HATE knitting a moebius with acrylic yarn - it has absolutely no give.  when i knit my special olympics moebius the larger it grew, the tighter the yarn got with the cord.  i remember praying that i'd have enough width for the scarf becos it was really hard to knit that thing in the round.

3.  the number of stitches that you cast on "double".  in other words, if you cast on 100 stitches, you'll really be knitting 200 stitches.  if you want to knit a scarf that you can loop around your neck a couple of times, make sure you cast on enough stitches.  100-200 stitches will get you a double loop;  cast on more if you want to loop a third time.

4.  if you knit a garter stitch moebius, remember that you are still knitting in the round, so knit a row/purl a row.

5.  when casting off, use a needle tip a couple sizes bigger than you knitted with, becos you'll want to have a looser, stretchy edge.  it's a waste of knitting and time if you can't get the scarf over your head!

this is an excellent video of cat bordhi demonstrating her moebius cast on (this is what i do):

moebius scarves and cowls make great quick gifts for both women and men.  you can use almost any weight of yarn so this is a great stash buster project.  

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