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Thursday, November 17, 2011

making a silk purse out of a sow's ear

clearly i am losing it.  i actually bought fun fur yarn.  in my defense, it was to score a free copy of vogue knitting with martha stewart.

i had to buy 3 skeins of martha's yarn to get the free magazine, so i picked some tinsel fun fur that i admired saw a couple weeks ago - a pretty aquamarine color.  the rest of the yarn was crap.

so i took the fun fur (which i loathe working with)

combined it with some rowan kidsilk haze (which i hate) (the yarn was actually hubby's - he tried to crochet with it.  we bought it at a yarn shop where i suggested he get the yarn becos it was "pretty".  may i add that this was over 5 years ago, when i first learned to knit, and didn't know any better?)

and knit up a scarf on size 11 straights (just shoot me now).

for those of you playing along, here's how i knit up my scarf:

holding the fun fur and mohair yarns together, cast on 15 stitches.  knit in garter stitch until you use up all the fun fur (39 yards per skein), run out of mohair yarn, or are sick of knitting a garter stitch scarf.  i ran out of the mohair and used 2 skeins of fun fur and most of the third.  my scarf was roughly 4-5 feet long (my wingspan).

i would have knit this on circulars, except my size 11 tips are loose.  i wanted to make a moebius scarf but i was afraid the fun fur would have been tricky for the cast on.  so i cheated and sewed my ends together.

i also thought i'd be so cool and add beads to the scarf.  sadly they didn't show in the fuzzy yarns i abandoned them (but there are 5 beads in there - try to find them!)


me modeling "ice queen" (i look like i'm being strangled by christmas tree tinsel garland!):

Photo on 11-17-11 at 9.17 AM #3

ice queen looks much better on little "ice princess":

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  1. Oh goodness! It actually doesn't look as bad as I imagined when I read "fun fur" in the first paragraph... Usually when I think FF, I think "atrocious pairing" but you pull it off okay :P Though you're right, it looks better on the little one.


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