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Saturday, November 19, 2011

planning PSOTMC 2012

i didn't do so well with PSOTMC this year.

i completed three pairs of socks (january, february, october's from last year and a pair of fingerless mitts).  i have three pairs on the needles that need to be completed.  more yarn that was thrown back into the stash pond becos i either didn't know what to do with it or was still plugging away on another pair.  i lost a lot of knitting mojo due to illness/stress, and WIP ADHD has bit me on the butt more times than i care to admit (just ask me when i last knit a hexipuff?)

the beauty of having my own sock of the month club is that i get to make up the rules.  i tried to make one pair a month.  i started out strong, but petered out as the year wore on.  perhaps i should shoot for a pair every two months.  a lot of knitters did that and made out great - think it'll work for me?

nevertheless, i have more dreams than common sense.  i pulled more yarn for PSOTMC12.  behold:

of all this yarn, the brown skein is the oldest in the stash (and it has bad juju i think; i tried to knit a pair of socks with it a couple years ago and got stuck).  the rest is yarn i purchased this year (some knit picks, the german yarn from knitters underground, a skein of STR from knitting kris).  my hope for the german yarn is to make socks for my family.  the rest - who knows.

all bagged (most of the bags were left over from this year; a couple from the paper ware cupboard, so they are truly recycled brown bags) and waiting for serendipity:

the marked bag contains this month's pick.  i probably won't pick it for december - i'll save it for next year.  there are 13 bags of yarn.  baker's dozen or one to grow on, you know?

i bagged in the kitchen and threw the bags on the floor in the craft room (how's that for random?) then put them in the cubby:

here's to PSOTMC 2012!

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