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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PSOTMC november

i should have picked this for october.  or else save it for december.

ainsley yarns merino superwash sport weight in "nightmare before christmas".  the picture makes the colors look more vivid while they really appear more muted "bruised" pallet.

i so want to do something with this yarn.  not socks; maybe a shawl.  also considered a pair of gauntlets as my hands are cold now that the winter months are setting in.  but i have a few socks OTN that i need to complete, a few shawls as well.  i'm trying to find a quick and dirty gauntlet pattern becos i want gauntlets NOW and don't want to use fiddly needles to knit with.

i don't think i did so well, this personal sock of the month club gig.  but i'll talk about that next month.

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