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Saturday, November 12, 2011

when all is said and done

this song has been earwormed in my head all week.  from me to you!


we are still reeling from the distressing news of the PSU scandal.  it is my hubby's and SIL and BIL's alma mater.  i grew up not far from main campus and hubby has ties with the Lutheran church community at the school so it's fair to say that i've been influenced by the school.

i spent the past week in near panic attack mode, not that i was abused, but becos i worked with abused kids.  once upon a time, i was a child protective services worker, and it was my job to investigate reports of abuse.

one of my worst cases involved children who were sexually abused by their step-parent (the initial abuse report was regarding another sibling who was severely physically abused and while investigating that the sexual abuse allegations surfaced).  i was 23 years old, barely out of college.  nothing prepares you when a child tells you how they were violated by someone who was supposed to be caring for them.  no child should ever have to submit to a sex abuse exam.  nothing prepares you for meeting the smelly scumbag perp face to face, to hear them admit that they did abuse their children.  nothing prepares you for the hugs and whispers of "thank you for saving me" from the children, who for the first time in their lives finally felt safe.

i cannot explain the actions (or lack thereof) of those involved with the scandal.  i cannot understand why people felt it was better to sweep the mess under the rug and allow the abuse to continue than risk soiling the brand.  i pray for the innocent victims, that healing may begin.

subtle reminders -


Proverbs 20:30

Oh, so true wise Dumbledore.

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