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Thursday, November 10, 2011

yarn schadenfreude

i heard this bit of sad news a couple weeks ago.  i bought a couple skeins of sanguine gryphon a few months ago and felt bad that i wouldn't get to experience the beautiful yarns (not to mention intriguing names) of their products.  SG was clearing the decks and i thought i'd check it out.

at the same time SG planned to release a limited edition color way in memory of steve jobs called iSkein.  just throw limited edition at me and i salivate.  i wasn't sure of the colors - on the website they were paleish green with putty - but when my skeins arrived they were a pretty pale denim with grey:

i got 2 skeins in bugga! and they look and feel (no pun intended!) fabulous.  i also got a skein in mithril.  i have no idear what i'm going to do with these guys.  hoard them, probably.

i bought the iSkein first in case there was a rush.  then i went back and bought these:

gaia lace in garden gnome (love the name, love the colors!)

codex in cult fiction (ooh shiny!)

bugga! in cowkiller.  can i tell you how much i love this name?  the yarn could be fluorescent orange with purple bobbles and i'd still buy it for the name.  i can't wait to make something with this yarn and when someone asked me what it is i can say "cowkiller."

i think it is safe to say that i've blown my yarn budget for the next year.  merry christmas to me, 2 months early?

i can't wait to see what products this duo come up with in their new ventures!

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