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Saturday, December 10, 2011

christkindl market 2011

christkindl market kicks off my holiday season.  this year hubby, the boy and i went while my folks watched the kiddos.  pushing a double (even two single) stroller through that crowd is horrible.  i couldn't believe how full the place got at 5pm.

we went thursday evening, the first day of the festival.  we watched the arrival of santa claus/st. nicholas in the lantern parade.  that was pretty neat.

first stop: goulash with noodle (really stuffing balls).  out. freaking. stand. ing.  last year i tried to figure out the recipe, and i think i cracked it - beef, tomato (crushed and sauce i think), paprika and caraway seed (i thought it was fennel).

a few stands down is the authentic german sausage stand.  this place has lines that are several buildings long.  last year they ran out of certain sausages, so go early!  there was an obnoxious lady standing behind me, yelling commentary to the owners about how their stand is the "authentic" wurst haus and how she took pictures of them pulling in and setting up shop earlier in the day, then posted the pictures online.  o.O

there is so much to pick from.  knockwurst, weisswurst, schnitzel.  they also offer a sampler plate with wurst, schnitzel, kraut and potato salad.  you get so much food for your money.

hubby got a corned beef and kraut sandwich (new this year).  i took a bite and it was heaven (with a side of horseradish).  also got him a ham and kraut sandwich (thick slices of ham, also new this year.  it was devine).  i almost got the sampler platter but opted for a knockwurst instead, plus a side of potato salad.  i was so full from eating the goulash i only ate my sausage and a bit of the potatoes.

this is the christmas pyramid with the holy family.  with my handsome boy modeling with it.  he's no fun to eat with at christkindl.  he ate perogies (mrs. T's) and a funnel cake (which went cold and i tossed it at home).

it's the christmas dalek!  no really, it's only a motorized singing christmas tree!

i actually came home with money this year!  i brought a serving of goulash, (plus some for my mom and dad), pretzel nuggets, wedding cookies and a gingerbread man (the boy picked that), wedding whoopie pies, kettle corn, cherry strudel (split that with dad) and local honey.  got kinder eggs for the boy's stocking (last year they were sold out, and it's hard to find them otherwise).

would you believe i didn't get a lot of yarn, just this lonely skein?  steam valley fiber fingering in wintergreen.  they were the only yarn there.  they also had some lovely fleece batts and had i been with it i would have bought some.  ainsley yarns wasn't there - i missed them becos i wanted to buy yarn from them.  the place was crowded, and there was tons of knits - hats, scarves, baby things.  apparently the "gimmick" this year were knitted donuts - all fiber, no calories!  while the knits were lovely, they were no use to me, spesh when i can knit it myself!

we had a lot of fun.  it was cold but not frigid, there wasn't a lot of snow or ice to contend with, so it was a good time.  

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  1. We went last night. Really crowded. Great food, had the streudel this morning for face!
    Love the spinning and weaving guild's building!


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