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Sunday, December 4, 2011

happy ravelersary!

today i am 4!  amazing how a website can make a difference in one's life!

i started out as divamcknitster, and now i'm k1k2!  here are my stats:

176 projects (this is when i started logging my projects - i have many more completed pre-rav)

341 yarns stashed (or roughly 196 miles of fiber!)

550 patterns favorited (socks faved the most, at 108 patterns)

3 queued (fingerless mitts patterns for teacher mitts)

165 publications in my library (103 books, 15 magazines, 2 booklets, 45 pdfs.  i have more magazines to add, i'll do that someday)

24 friends (yep, i'm a loser.  it's the same reason i don't have a lot of friends on fb too)

3156 posts (apparently i'm a chatterbox, altho i can go days without a comment)

34 ravetars (dating back to my original lady elaine and brini maxwell avatars)

78 groups (knitty gritty and mason-dixon knitters were the first two groups i joined; grimm and american horror story were the two most recent i joined)

7 tabs of groups (favorites, tv shows, techniques, ravelympics/fair, town square/main 6, oldies and LYS)
too many needles and hooks to bother counting

4 items purchased from the revelry store (clear stickers, a ravelympics pin, set of buttons, bob shirt)

3 online ads i succumbed to (play at life fiber, fripperies and bibelots and lady danio)

i remember when you had to request and WAIT to get an invite.  i think mine took a week or two.  i was so excited to find that invite from mama rav in my email.  now they let anyone in and new users don't have to wait.  i'm not sure i like that - there are people who use the site more for socializing than for crafting.  not that there's anything wrong with that...but i dislike when the muggles infiltrate my safe fiber haven.

i would love to know what my user number is - anyone know how to find that out?

here's to many more years on ravelry!

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