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Thursday, January 5, 2012

belated knits

i knit a hat.  and it's (almost) perfect.

what the heck - i got to model it too:

somehow i messed up the swirl and at one point had two extra stitches, so i double decreased those.  it made the swirl a little wonky, but it'll be sitting on my head and shouldn't make a difference anyway.

ravel'd here...i knit the brim on size 4 needles for two inches.  increased to a size 6 needle for the body.  i so hope that codex returns at some point - i loved the silkiness and it's lovely to knit with.

and...i finally finished the doxies!  ravel'd here!


this one has a stork bite on the butt, just like petunia's!  it was the only way to differentiate between the two!

i wish i knew why i took me so long to knit these guys.  the bodies and tails were done, all i had to do was make arms and ears then assemble.  i think i slogged becos i had to make two of them.  that seems to be the theme for making things for the kiddos (see also:  the owl sweaters).

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