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Monday, January 9, 2012

bird's nest pins

i found this awesome bird's nest on pinterest.  i thought it would make great "mother's jewelry" of sorts for the grandmothers.  i decided to make the nests into pins instead.

i got three pearls (dark blue, light blue and pink to represent the boy, freddie and petunia), 18 gauge wire (the bead shop didn't have 20 gauge wire that the pattern called for) and pin backs (i got these at michael's the bead shop didn't have any).  the beads had small holes, but fortunately i had 20 gauge wire at home from my stitch markers. using a 12 inch length of wire, i beaded the wire with the pearls and wrapped the wire around the pearls, then wrapping the wire around the wound up nest.  i probably could have used more wire to make a fuller nest, but i was happy with the end result.  i then used jewelry glue to attach the pin back to the nest (i gobbed it on, it dries clear).

gram, MIL and MM got this:

mom got this nest becos i had teh stupidz and couldn't count to four.  i foraged in my bead stash for similar pearls - luckily i had a broken necklace and found these beads.  i had to use thicker gauge wire (the 18 gauge) but i like how old fashioned this nest looks.

you can buy these nests as necklaces on etsy and i saw variations with crystals and charms.  this makes a wonderful, easy, inexpensive gift.  (it also makes you look like a crafty genius.  my MIL was impressed, and mom thought i bought it off etsy).  

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  1. These are gorgeous, just gorgeous! You are so talented! :)


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