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Saturday, January 28, 2012

boom boom in my new crafting room!

redid the craft room/boy's man cave.  this is my side:

the dresser belonged to hubby's great aunt.  when hubby's folks cleaned out aunt h's apartment years ago, i called dibs on the dresser.  at the time i thought i could use it as a second dresser for the boys.  while planning for the furniture we're getting from my folks in their move, i remembered this was in our garage.

hubby's computer desk was converted into a craft desk several months ago but i cluttered it up with my beading and knitting supplies.  i was getting my grandmother's sewing machine table and needed a place for it, so we decided to get rid of the desk and move the sewing table in there.  i thought the dresser would make a really neat storage space for my craft supplies, which were overflowing from two plastic drawer bins and a small filing cabinet.

two saturdays of work and i have this!

this is gram's sewing table.  dad removed her old machine - it was over 40 years old and didn't work well anymore (it smoked when gram used it.)  i thought about taking it to the local singer dealer to see if they could tinker with it but it didn't have as many features as my new machine.  my fabric and supplies fit in a "carry" tub underneath the table.  the crock is full of buttons.  i probably won't sew here - i have more space at my dining room table for that.  while the top folds out to make a long surface, i need to have a flat surface for the sewing machine to sit on, as it's too small for the hole made by gram's old machine.

hubby wiped this down with a wood polishing cloth.  it's an old piece of furniture and heavy as can be.

the lazy susan was left from the kitchen remodel last christmas.  it's a great place to corral my needles, pens and other odd things.   the basket in the back is full of ribbons.  i have three containers of pens and pencils in the back - kids will not be of want for pencils!  the wipe boxes are full of crayons and glue dots.  i wish we had another place for the phone and the answering machine, but they'll be okay.

the top drawer is full of things that were in the old desk drawers - my dymo, glue gun, fancy pencils, tubes of glue, magnets, white-out.  the second drawer has paint, more crayons, pipe cleaners and small craft supplies.

third drawer is full of craft kits and supplies (pom poms, feathers, stickers).  i'm such a peanuts craft hoarder!

fourth drawer has construction paper (some dating back to when i was in grade school!), scribble pads, notebooks for school (i stocked up last fall), my glitter and odd papers and stickers.

the bottom drawer is full of coloring books and activity books.  this is a deep drawer and it's filled to the top to the point of getting stuck.  i must have at least 50 coloring books.  the majority of them are peanuts coloring books.  notice a trend here?  i think i'll have enough books for when i have grandchildren.

underneath the dresser i stored my beading boxes, a plastic box full of foam sticky letters, and a box full of pens (many dating from when i worked in doctor offices - can you say HOARDER?).

my blocking supplies are in the space left of the dresser.  my loose knitting patterns are in an old apple crate on the right.  i found another crate of yarn that i forgot i had (mostly baby yarn - guess that boat sailed!)  i tidied up my bookshelves so they don't look as cluttered.

i have a ton of room now for blocking on the floor!  now, i just need to keep it tidy (and keep the boy's crap from migrating to my side!  

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