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Thursday, January 19, 2012

fixer upper

i had to fix one of my kick ass red mitties.  when i put it on monday evening, i found a hole in the palm, near the thumb gusset:

(that white stuff on the mitten is melted ice cream.  don't ask.  i only look more like a dork if i explain.)

i'm not sure if i didn't weave in the ends from the thumb right or if a certain rodent decided to munch on my mitten.  i snipped away and picked up stitches like this:

i knit and purled a row then kitchener'd the ends.  i had to do a weird backwards kitchener stitch becos my working yarn was on the front needle, when normally it would be on the back one, and i couldn't flip the mitten over becos the working yarn would have been on the left instead of the right.  anyhoo, i wove in my ends:

it's not the best, but it's not too bad.

shortly after i darned my mitten, it got a nice washing.

this was a good exercise in repairing my knits.  i had a pair of socks with worn spots on the heel, which i toyed with darning, but instead gave the sock to my folks' dog for a christmas present.  (for what it's worth, he destroyed it within minutes.  my poor koigu socks.  i thought the wool would wear like iron.  but i'm not surprised - this is the dog - a doxie by the way - who destroys kongs.)

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  1. That was an impressive repair. Darning and stuff intimidates me so I always end up knitting something new when my knits get damaged.


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