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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

freddie's socks - PSOTMC for january

these are freddie's socks. for small socks, they took forever to finish.  i completed one sock weeks ago but got side tracked by the mystery shawl KAL and my mittens, and finished these up last week.

these socks were knit with froehlich wolle sedrun in red/blue tweed, with navy heels and toes.  the yarn is more sport weight and i didn't think there'd be enough yarn for both socks, hence the blue heels and toes.

i learned a lesson with this pair - knit them at the same time!  see how one sock is bigger than the other?

i knit the cuff on a size 3. from there, the details are sketchy.  when i picked up the second sock i kept knitting with the 3 when i was supposed to switch to a smaller needle for the stockinette stitch.  gauge with the size 3 made the sock too big so i ripped back to the cuff and went down to a 1.5.   those needles made the knit WAY tighter in gauge (yep, it took knitting the heel to show me that something was wrong)!  ripped back to the cuff again, started knitting with a size two (which was attached to another pair of socks!) but the sock still looked small.  not sure if my gauge was loose for the first sock or too tight for the second one but the lesson learned - note the details when casting on!  i usually add my project to ravelry when i start it but for some reason i missed this one.

this is a nice yarn to work with.  i have a ton of it left from last summer's yarn binge (it was $2.50 a skein, can't beat that!) so that's probably a good thing!

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