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Sunday, February 19, 2012

haba wha? - the church edition

just to clear some things up:

no, we are not moving with my parents.  my grandmother's house is not a compound.  holy crap on a cracker, where's the common sense?  just becos my parents are moving away doesn't mean that we are.  dear bob, i'd give anything to move away from the ghetto.  i love my house but it feels small and i hate the people who live in my neighborhood.  unfortunately gram's house isn't big enough for all of us.  and hubby would have a long commute to his job.  and even if we were going to move, i'd build my own house.

(just for the record, someone did ask my dad this.  i asked him if the question meant moving to another church and he said no - the person honestly thought we were moving in with my parents.)

now that my parents are leaving the emphasis is to "make us feel comfortable and welcome."  i've attended my church for nearly 20 years - why start now?  why do you want us to stay?  are you afraid of losing our tithe?  or becos we consistently bring our children to church and sunday school each week?  are we dying?  Lord love a duck, this comment just pissed me off.

i don't think people understand that my dad has been my pastor my entire life.  35 years (longer still, but my awareness really began at 3).  do people have any idea what it's going to be like to have someone other than my dad (or my father in law) as my pastor?

here's another angle.  we sit in front of the pulpit - we've sat here for years.  would a new pastor want to see us sitting in front of him?  how would he feel to see us?  it's going to be uncomfortable both ways;  therefore we will probably have to change the pew we sit in.  this is going to be hard - i prefer sitting in the front, and my kiddos are accustomed to our location in the nave - this isn't going to be an easy task.

i wish people would realize that getting a new pastor isn't like getting a new teacher.  for me, it's a life change - a longtime life change.  and it's a hard one for me.

we still have no clue what we're going to do next.  well, i have some ideas.  so far, this is the game plan for march:

we're taking a few weeks off and skipping church and sunday school.  i'm tired and i feel emotionally drained from the past few months.  i want a break.  i feel horrible saying this but it's true - going to church, for me, is like going to work.  i go to church rain or shine, unless i'm sick to the point of incapacitation.  the only time we skip is when mom and dad are on vacation (twice a year at most).  no wonder i'm burned out on church.  nobody gets it.

the boy's choir sings in the middle of the month, so we'll go to church then.  i still want him to participate in choir becos he enjoys it.  i'll also take him to practice (my mom and dad did this).  lent is coming, and i can always sit in the back during wednesday evening services.  i still get my dose of church in this way.

mom and dad suggested taking the kids to sunday school and skipping church. they enjoy going to sunday school so this is a decent solution; i'm seriously considering this.  that way, we still are active;  i can still tithe (just drop it in the plate on our way in) and we don't have to go to church, feel uncomfortable or make the interim/new pastors feel uncomfortable.

there's more i'd like to say, but i guess that's it for now.  my apologies for the weird post - i'm feeling unsettled and pissed off.  

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