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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hoots - freddie's sweater

i finally finished freddie's owlet

knit with KP swish in copper, it's a pleasant warm orangey brown, perfect for freddie's brown curls and stone brown eyes.

there's a reason why one should knit one project at a time.  i started this back in the fall, finished the body up to the cables and was working the sleeves using the magic loop method.  i don't know why i slogged on those ruddy sleeves.  when i picked the sweater up last week, i couldn't remember what size i was knitting it.  i remembered i was knitting a size up from petunia's (becos hers was on the smaller side) and when i counted stitches i couldn't figure if i was knitting a child's 1 or 2.

i got it sussed out, but not without doing some frogging (becos apparently i can't read and follow directions, story of my life!) but i got everything straightened out.  the cables were actually the easy part of this project!  plus i got the short rows (for the back of the neck) in the correct place, unlike how i knit them for petunia's (short rows on the side, not the back - i guess i thought petunia would be like a hunchback!)

i am very pleased with freddie's sweater!  the sleeves are too snug (what's up with that?!  i followed the pattern to the letter!) but it fits nicely!  now if freddie would just wear it!

i'm not sure if it's my monkey brain/project ADD or my constitution, but dear bob, i hate knitting projects in duplicate.  i cranked on petunia's sweater and then stalled on freddie's.  he'll get a couple of weeks' wear with it but it feels too late.  and it's going to get worse - the kiddos are going to only grow more = bigger garments!  i consider myself more a process than product knitter, but apparently that doesn't extend to making two of the same project!

i **heart** this pattern.  i see me knitting it again next year!

hoots in action!  here's freddie's hoots:

petunia's hoots still fits, although it is short:

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