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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hug bugs!

i promised to provide a treat for the boy's valentine party.  for past occasions i sent holiday pencils i picked up in the dollar bins at target, and last christmas i sent homemade cookies.

last week i got my reminder call from the class mother about my contribution and what was i sending?  sick with the never-ending cold and feeling drained, i was at a loss for words.  i told her "pencils" even though the last thing i wanted to do was go shopping.

while perusing one of my favorite time sucks pinterest i found this cute project that a blogger did with her children.  holy smokes, i had the items needed for the craft already (thank you fully stocked craft chest!) and thought these puff ball creatures would be more fun than a boring but useful pencil and healthier than a sugar laden cookie!

i glued a puff ball on top of a foam heart sticker.  the heart acts as the feet.  then i cut up pipe cleaners for the antennae.  i glued the eyes on the antennae because it was quicker than gluing them on the ball as per the instructions.  when the eyes were dried i glued the antennae to the puff ball, pinching pieces of fluff together to get the antennae to stick.

here's my gaggle of hug bugs!  apparently their diet consists of butter, organic and heirloom tomatoes (they have expensive tastes, these bugs!), croutons, grape soda and honey nut cheerios!

i decorated a shoe box (complete with air holes!) to corral the puffs (aka deliver the goods to school without them getting to banged up!)

i hope the kids like them!  they are pretty cute!

this is a great craft project, not just for valentines, but for any occasion.  

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